Keynote Speakers in Social Media

Keynote Speakers – PROMOTION BY Social Media

If you would like to promote your organisation’s preferred keynote speakers via social media, Ovations International would love to help you. Ovations is immersed in a world of conferences and events, constantly engaged in industry dialogue .

There are many ways to kick start the conversation before your event even begins. Talk to the team at Ovations about ways we can include keynote speakers into your promotion and social media strategy. Most are happy to tweet or Facebook posts about your upcoming event and interact with delegates. It’s a great way to create a connection and momentum around your keynote speakers.

Is there something our presenter can provide for your conference website? An interesting article. A pod cast or welcome video encouraging delegates to register. Our keynote speakers, particularly those that speaker full time, are a wealth of information. They have their finger on the pulse about what is happening in the world of conferencing and business. Ovations can help you tap into some of that creative knowledge and output your presenter has.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Share with your keynote speakers what your social media strategy is and how they can best plug into it. What will be happening on the day? For example, would you like twitter streamed onto screens during their presentation. Will comments be streamed live? It is best to have everyone on the same page on all aspects of social media and promotion.
Ovations International tweet and post on their Facebook pages daily. We also have a monthly interactive newsletter that goes out to our clients globally. Is there something we can share about your conference or photos and articles post event?

In today’s connected world there are many possibilities so chat to us about how we can help promote your keynote speakers in partnership with you. If you would like to join us in cyber space you can find us on Twitter: @OvationsI or Facebook: Ovations International

Antiques Dealers

Antiques Dealers

Australian Antiques Dealers

Looking for the very best range of stunning and rare antiques. They are at Miami at the Antiques Dealers. This amazing, bright and breezy den of antiquities is on the Gold Coast HIghway and parking is right out the front.

Antiques DealersThe range of items is huge, thousands and thousands and thousands of beautiful antiques can be found at Antiques Dealers.

The Antiques Dealers not only source their own stock from around the country and internationally, but they also showcase other antique dealers wares in their store.

The Antiques Dealers have everything, from 18th century weapons, jewellery, crockery, furniture, ivory, gold, silver and even collectibles right up to Star Wars figures. I spent a wonderful half hour just wandering around the store, as a procession of shoppers walked in and then walked out with their highly prized purchases.

Its certainly a hot spot for antiques at the Antiques Dealers. Website Essentials has been chosen to assist the Antiques Dealers to build their new website and online antiques shopping cart. This massive site will house thousands of items for sale and will end up being found for everything from stuffed eagles to royal Doulton china mugs. With the focus on building the new website to focus on search engine optimisation and to also have a proven sales performance rate, the very best of the website essentials will be included in the new websites for the Antiques Dealers Centre.

Very shortly they will be found on Google, Yahoo and Bing for all the items that they sell, and this will make it far easier for the Australian public to find that much sought after antiques dealers at the Gold Coast Antique Centre. Call back soon to find a bargain….

Commercial Kitchen Suppliers

Commercial Kitchen Suppliers

Australia’s Newest Commercial Kitchen Suppliers

Looking for a great deal on quality fittings and equipment from Commercial Kitchen Suppliers. Well, a new, old team just entered the market.

commercial kitchen suppliersMany Commercial Kitchen Suppliers only sell one line of brands, or a limited line of brands. They tend to sell you what they want to sell, not what is best or cheapest for you and your application. Commercial Kitchen Suppliers have years of experience in actually supplying and fitting kitchens.

Their vast shopfitting experience has often led them to assisting new business owners, and also existing businesses refurbishing or refitting their premises to ask for their assistance in making the best choice. After all, you may know your kitchen, but someone who knows lots and lots of kitchens is a great resource to know and use.

This is how Commercial Kitchen Suppliers was born, on a knowledge base and with great experience. Now that experience will soon be available online at Commercial Kitchen Supplies. This new e commerce website will soon be filled with thousands of quality commercial kitchen equipment. Also, it will be a great source of both knowledge and experience that you can tap into when considering your next commercial kitchen project or refurbishment.

With many brands to choose from, and all with full Australian warranty and after sales support, Commercial Kitchen Suppliers will be the litmus test for the industry. Their new, simple to use and full online pricing, specifications and most importantly, large images, will allow you to buy online and have your commercial kitchen equipment delivered Australia wide.

Commercial Kitchen Suppliers chose Website Essentials for their new website, internet makreting, and search engine optimisation to ensure that you can find this amazing new supplier on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Call back soon to see the new Commercial Kitchen Suppliers site here


Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers

Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers

Hot Air Launches Dedicated Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers site

Hot Air has launched a dedicated hot air ballooning Gift Vouchers website. Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers will now offer dedicated Queensland based services and outstanding service for all Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers services. All you have to do to secure hot air ballooning gift vouchers is visit the online site and choose the type of voucher and location you desire…

Hot Air Ballooning Gift VouchersHot Air Ballooning gift vouchers allows you to send someone to experience the fun and unique sensation of floating gently above the spectacular vista of the Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane surrounds, Cairns, Atherton or Port Douglas. Your 30 minute Hot Air Ballooning gift voucher flight will allow them to experience the mountains and the sea, and when they come down to earth you can have options of a full cooked breakfast whilst relaxing and soak up the experience of this hot air ballooning gift voucher adventure.

Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers chose Website Essentials for their internet marketing partner for their new dedicated Queensland website. Their aim was to ensure they maximised their exposure for the market geographic area for logical search on the major search engines like Google for terms such as Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers and many more…

As part of this new dedicated Hot Air Ballooning Gift Vouchers site, Hot Air will be able to target specific special deals and amazing offers for all those occasions that a gift voucher is the perfect present!

If you are looking on search for hot air ballooning Gift Vouchers, you will shortly find their new webiste and then you know you will be able to choose the very best and very best value Hot Air Balloon Ride that you can give… Hot Air!

Brisbane Design Agency

Brisbane Design Agency

Lumino – your choice for a Brisbane Design Agency

Brisbane Design Agency

Brisbane Design Agency

Lumino is a stunning Brisbane Design Agency. From the moment you walk in the door to their CBD studio, you know they are different. They have the perfect environment for creative thinking. There is a spacious boardroom for strategy workshops and break out areas for less formal meetings. Their state of the art workstations are where they create your brand, and make it come to life. Their graphic designers ensure that the exceptional quality of your brand is displayed in their work.

Lumino, as your Brisbane Design Agency, provide experts in the following fields:

  • Brand strategy and design
  • Corporate reports and publications
  • Creative communication
  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Giving back and of course
  • Brisbane design agency

This Brisbane design agency are the annual reports specialists, and can even develop your annual report Ipad app. Lumino do it all, from the initial theme and concept development to print management and online design and final deliver. Lumio’s Brisbane design agency expertise in designing and producing complex annual reports, both in print and online formats, set them apart from their competitors. Any corporate publication that they are tsked with has a special quality and the ability to shine across branding, design, creativity and of course impact to the reader.

We know this Brisbane design agency should be at the top of everyones list, and most importantly on top of Google, Yaho and Bing search results. Lumino chose Website Essentials as their SEO supplier, to ensure that their cutting edge and graphically superiour website, was a top performer in search engine optimisation. Very soon, you will be able to find them more readily a Google search for Brisbane design agency and many other relevant terms. As Lumino say, YOu must understand the experience your customer has and convey that experience through the visual elements of creative communications to attract new customers.

They will do this easily, when we get them on top of search. Lumino… the obvious choice for your Brisbane design agency needs.

Gold Coast Theme Parks

Gold Coast Theme Parks


Gold Coast Theme Parks

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – The first of the Gold Coast Theme Parks

Looking for a wild time at Gold Coast Theme Parks? Its not about the rides its about the experiences. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect choice of Gold Coast Theme Parks for so many reasons. In fact for thousands of them. And every one is real and live. No machines and automated robots here.

Think that a wildlife adventure is just for kids. Think again. Many Gold Coast Theme Parks are there with components for all the family, but Currumbin has something for everyone, from babies in prams through to old Grandfathers like me. And, you can do it all together and all at the same time, no queues, no height restrictions, and in a wonderful natural 27 hectares of peace and calm. This makes CWS the stand out in family fun days at Gold Coast Theme Parks.

Of all the Gold Coast Theme Parks, there is only one that is More Australian, More Natural and More Fun. Its Currumbin. With entry that included the wild island adventure, green challenge adverture, including high ropes course, the wildlife hospital, Superbee Honeyworld and Surf World Gold Coast, you then need to find time to see the animals. Not all Gold Coast Theme Parks are the same.

CWS accepted the offer of Website Essentials to assist them to get their online presence and assets performing better. They wanted higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for terms such as Gold Coast Theme Parks, Gold Coast Theme Park Tickets and Gold Coast Theme Park Prices, and of course many more. They were determined to get as many Australians, and overseas visitors to the Gold Coast to choose a natural experience when considering Gold Coast Theme Parks to visit. Website Essentials is very pleased to be working with this Australian Icon to help them spread better understanding of our natural world, and helping to save a life at the same time.