Keynote Speakers in Social Media

Keynote Speakers – PROMOTION BY Social Media

If you would like to promote your organisation’s preferred keynote speakers via social media, Ovations International would love to help you. Ovations is immersed in a world of conferences and events, constantly engaged in industry dialogue .

There are many ways to kick start the conversation before your event even begins. Talk to the team at Ovations about ways we can include keynote speakers into your promotion and social media strategy. Most are happy to tweet or Facebook posts about your upcoming event and interact with delegates. It’s a great way to create a connection and momentum around your keynote speakers.

Is there something our presenter can provide for your conference website? An interesting article. A pod cast or welcome video encouraging delegates to register. Our keynote speakers, particularly those that speaker full time, are a wealth of information. They have their finger on the pulse about what is happening in the world of conferencing and business. Ovations can help you tap into some of that creative knowledge and output your presenter has.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Share with your keynote speakers what your social media strategy is and how they can best plug into it. What will be happening on the day? For example, would you like twitter streamed onto screens during their presentation. Will comments be streamed live? It is best to have everyone on the same page on all aspects of social media and promotion.
Ovations International tweet and post on their Facebook pages daily. We also have a monthly interactive newsletter that goes out to our clients globally. Is there something we can share about your conference or photos and articles post event?

In today’s connected world there are many possibilities so chat to us about how we can help promote your keynote speakers in partnership with you. If you would like to join us in cyber space you can find us on Twitter: @OvationsI or Facebook: Ovations International